With Pagny, the tax is not paid for songs

The Versailles Criminal Court convened yesterday Florent Pagny to try to set limits on his freedom to defraud. The big success of audience, mobilizing clerks parterre enamored: “You saw it? It is even more beautiful than on TV. “Let’s also unkempt. And grinning as if he was playing a new twist to the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI).

The singer committed against the fiscalism is returned to one of his last performances, culminating in a series of run-ins: subtraction, in spring 2002, in his home in Montfort l’Amaury (Yvelines), some property seized by the IRS: a Bentley car, three Harley Davidson motorcycles, tables, seventy bottles of wines. Curiously, his electric wheelbarrow, it has not disappeared. “There are several possibilities: the paintings are my companion, motorcycles belonging to friends, the car is the name of my company. As for wine … “Well, friends would have siphoned off against his will. “As a party, there are times when we do not control everything. It’s funny when all is typed: nothing belongs to us and yet at hand. But I could replace them with cheap wine. ”

Statues. Counsel for the cash Rambouillet does not taste this frank spoilage. “The atmosphere of the court relaxes because we talk about wine. But this is not a joke when a taxpayer has more than EUR 4 million in arrears, of which not one euro was paid, of course. It is true that Mr. Pagny demonstrated exceptional resistance. “When the lawyer deplores subtracting statuettes Grammy, valuable, she believes, Florent Pagny and Pascal Negro (CEO of Universal Music also pursued) is warped on the dock. God knows why we for once wanted to laugh with them.

Pagny also continued for a few other odds and ends, such as non-declaration of the VAT. He wants to reframe things, “I plead guilty to some of my ignorance and my laziness. I had no manager. “He had a cause, who would smoke. Today, there are others: “I have lots of people, lawyers, accountants because it takes proportions beyond me.”

All, however, firstly a very silly story that did not require such an armada: its outright refusal in 1990 to declare income. Since then, the lawyer of the DGI, Normand-Bodard, rubs his hands: “I got to know all the works of Mr. Pagny.” The other big piece of the trial concerns the pact made in 1995 with Pascal Negro. Equally bantering, the boss of Universal evokes his conviction for false publication: “It was a pan flute disc of which was performed by the synthesizer. But it is amnesty, right? “In short, we now accuse Pascal Negro to have disguised a classic ahead of revenues (taxable income) in an artificial loan (non-reportable). In the case of Pagny, it is about 10 million francs. He took the opportunity to deduct from his income the interest on the loan since it fills a “loan” was to bridge its fiscal slate. A president who tells him that this arrangement is a little ole-ole Pagny answers, without daring to laugh, this time “news to me. I’m not a tax “for the prosecutor, the node is.” Beyond the understanding media aspect, if the court was to relax, it would open the breach to this practice. ”

“Ebb-Tide.” Negro accepts that a singer like Pagny only worth 2 million advances per album frank: “In 1995, he was then in the trough of the wave, excuse my language, Florent. He clearly did not sell enough records to him we advance 10 million. “But Universal was willing to bet on its relaunch, this” loan “is guaranteed by the ability to recover in case of failure, the publishing company Pagny, manager of his songwriter rights. No luck, the flight will be based on interpretations of songs composed by Pascal Obispo. Ensuring Universal is, therefore, nothing but the success is such that Pagny was soon able to repay 10 million. And yet, in 1999, the record company did not pay the “Loan”. The extend ten years and proposes to repay itself through a simple game of writing: a 2% increase in royalties due to Pagny, which will never go out crates of Universal. “A gas plant,” according to the IRS, which points the bad faith of the singer: his request, Universal has stopped putting aside 50% of its royalties to deal with taxes.

The prosecutor is understanding. “It is possible that the tax authorities do not have that gift. I do not want to take away your freedom as an artist, but please, no more, no less, to participate in the collective effort to build schools and hospitals. “He claims eight-month suspended sentence against Pagny six against Negro and a fine of 15 000 euros for both. Judgment on 19 January.

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